Client Bill of Rights

At CMS, client relations is the core of our business. We have an ethical obligation to provide the best service and build a lasting partnership that stands the test of time. Below is our Client Bill of Rights, which we hereby promote and proclaim to our clients.


choose freely

Choose Freely

Our Clients can choose from a range of products and services they believe will best serve them. We hope they choose to work with us because of our customer service, value offering, and experiences, regardless of which product or services they choose.

be informed

Be Informed

We’ll present our Clients with specific and honest information about products and services to help them decide what’s best for their business – we will not offer inaccurate or misleading information to boost sales.

be heard

To Be Heard

We encourage our Clients to give us direct, honest feedback so we can continue our evolution to best serve and advise. We welcome your opinions and experiences and promise to listen and follow up as needed.

to be served

To Be Served

We strive to offer our Clients a positive experience and treat them well and with respect. We will respond promptly and courteously as needs or concerns arise.

respect your time

Respect Your Time

We know our clients are busy, so we strive to keep things organized and on track.

trusted partner

Trusted Partner

We hold our Clients’ data, products, insights, processes, and proprietary information in the highest regard, keeping it confidential and secure.



We’ll be easy to contact and will communicate to set clear expectations now for how we’ll address issues later. We’ll speak sincerely and candidly with our Clients about problems and make sure you understand what’s going to happen and when. We’ll also keep you in the loop if circumstances change.

open communication

Open Communication

We won’t keep our Clients in the dark – if we have relevant information, we’ll share it.



We’ll strive to learn your business and who your customers are so we can tailor our service approach and product to your needs. We’ll do our best to understand your goals, future visions, and how you wish to run your business. We’ll learn how YOU define success.

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