Wholesale Distribution Sales – The Easy Way

The wholesale distribution industry has been showing sales growth over the past several months, which makes for a positive future outlook. I have a few shortcuts on how you can kick start your distribution business and keep this momentum going.  As a business consultant and working within the technology industry, I can tell you that you need to keep a fresh eye to what you are currently doing and how to incorporate some new practices in order to keep your sales rising.

The distribution industry as well as many other industries is built on the foundation, the customer comes first. We all have heard this a million times throughout our business interactions. I cannot tell you how important this is to this day. In a wholesale distribution business, you must meet the supply and demand even before your customer knows it to be successful. It is critical to shape the supply chain process and use technology to your advantage.

Is Barcoding technology implemented in your warehouse? By implementing something as simple as this, you can provide accuracy, control, and cost savings. Barcode technology is the core of a modern warehouse. You need to know exactly inventory you have at any time to provide your customers with what they need. The next step would be a warehouse automation system which will manage the full heart of your business.

Mobile sales are on the rise and will kick start your sales on the road.  With mobile sales, your sales team will be able to view and sell the right quantities, capture signatures, and print receipts for better customer satisfaction. The days are gone where you are writing orders manually. Technology such as this will not only increase your sales, it will increase transaction processing speed, reduce inventory shrinkage and automatically enter data into your accounting system.

E-commerce can provide your business with a competitive edge. By having an e-commerce site, you lose the limitation of just selling in your geographic area and gain customer market share. This can also contribute to lower costs and better customer service. Speaking again of the customer service aspect, e-commerce give them access to your wide range of products with the convenience of ordering at any time, day or night. If you look for an e-commerce site that can work with your ERP that is a win-win. The benefits are endless with e-commerce.

Open doors to new retailers including the big box retailers like Amazon, Costco, Target, Walmart and many others.  EDI is a requirement of many major retailers and if you want to get your product in with them you will need it. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is an exchange of data between the computer systems of organizations that do business together. Many customers prefer to do business with the vendor’s that have an EDI system in place. Again, having an integration of EDI within your ERP will eliminate manual data-entry errors, streamlines transaction processing and increases productivity without increasing staff. These are just a few ways to get an increase of business for your distribution company. Not only can you increase your sales, but you can become a more resourceful company and even lower operating costs. These four ways are a good start to increase growth – first step should be to see if your current ERP system offers integration

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