The Lost Art of Customer Service

Customer service and personalization are so crucial in today’s world. I believe in a world of technology, we have lost the way. Customer service and personalization are so crucial in today’s world. I believe in a world of technology we have lost the way. There is no way to speak to an actual person these days without jumping through hoops of technology, such as voicemail, email, text, chats, and much more. Am I the only one who finds it annoying?

Could it be a generational thing? I think not. Although I am Gen Xer, and understand that most Millennials are more technologically advanced, I am are not convinced that technology surpasses personalized customer service for this generation.

I find it pointless when I call customer service to inquire about something, and I must dial 12 different numbers, continue to wait on hold to speak to a live person and then finally get someone to be disconnected. And so, the vicious cycle continues with a callback. This does not only happen on the phone, but in person as well. Have you ever gone into a bank on a Friday when everyone is cashing their paychecks and there is one teller working? Grant it – they have a greeter who asks what your transaction is for the day and suggest where they can to use the ATM. How about adding another teller and improve your customer service  and customer personalization rather than a greeter who doesn’t really do anything to help the line of clients.  In fact, it makes me think, what is the benefit of dealing with this bank when they don’t care about their customers? How about when you are looking for something in a store and you ask an employee only to get that blank stare. Or they say we don’t have it only for you to find it on your own. Does anyone take pride in their work anymore?

I know our line of business is customer-centric. As business technology consultants, we need to understand our clients, their business operation, their functionality, and goals. We need to take every facet of their business and analyze how they can improve their operations. We get to know our clients and their environment. We suggest solutions based on their business “pains” and project budget. This is in my eyes a lost art.

Client relations are the core of our business. We have an ethical obligation to provide the best service and build a lasting partnership that stands the test of time. Our Client Bill of Rights is something we put out there so that they understand the level of services they should be receiving from us.

Customer service is taken for granted these days and customers should be vocal. In our line of business, we provide an option for our Sage 100 clients to take advantage of our client care support contract. This is a yearly contract where the company can call us for any issues they are facing. Yes, a software publisher may also provide this type of phone support, but we take it a step further. You are our direct client. We understand your business, tailored software to meet your needs and address your pains. We have personalized the tools you need to run effectively. If you have a support issue our technicians are trained to not only handle your issue, but in a way that is personalized to your business. We take satisfaction in getting our clients answers almost immediately on their support and if not immediately within a couple of hours. Other companies who offer this type of service may take days and most likely will provide you with a generic solution since they don’t know you personally.

Customer service is more than saying please and thank you. It is building relationships with your clients. Get in the trenches and understand your customer. Treat your customer as you would want to be treated. Get to know who they are and how you can help them. Take your customer service to the next level – get the reward of continued business and the cultivation of solid relationships.

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