Going Mobile in Times of Uncertainty

What better time than now to get mobile with your business? With all the uncertainty in our business landscape, I cannot think of a better way to conduct business. We keep hearing about the opening of business in phases. Now we hear about the possible rollback of these openings due to resurgence in CoVid. How does one run a productive business during this time?

A wonderful tool to address this remote and limited office capacity is mobility. Mobility can give you the freedom to work off-site with access anytime anywhere. Mobility is a great tool for both manufacturers and distributors and here is why.

Create A Better Purchasing Experience

With mobile access, you have real-time product availability. Nothing is better than giving your customer what they need when they need it. By streamlining your warehouse, you collect data faster and more accurately. Imagine creating a quote and emailing it to your customer on your mobile device. Or change customer information details as necessary with a few clicks. With mobility, you can do all this and more.

Always Ready for Business

Take orders on the go any time with mobile access. You can also check product availability and be confident in fulfilling these orders.  And with mobile, you can record transactions regardless of internet connectivity. When you get to a connection you can sync automatically or manually – your choice. You also can incorporate barcoding technology into your ERP system. This is a time saver for inventory counts, lot and serial numbers, and item numbers.

Get Paid Faster

Having cash flow is a major benefit in today’s business environment. This helps offset the expenses you have so getting payments in faster is a no brainer. Mobility software can give your sales rep the ability to immediately review and print a sales order right from their mobile device. This eliminates the time involved in getting it to your customer. Credit card payments are also easy with mobility. Accounts are secure and PCI Compliance. An excellent choice for trade shows, ideal for showroom floor, parts counter, or special event too.

Now your supply chain has been accelerated with the use of mobile. These are just a few benefits of implementing mobile into your organization. Especially during times like these, you need to be more creative with your business processes. Mobility will help you work smarter, not harder.

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